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In 2000, over 30,000 Canadians were charged with possession of marijuana.In addition to this, the government, as an investor, is in a rather unique position.Whether you smoke or not, you probably still have an opinion.It should be legalized for 3 main reasons:It is safer than other substances that our legal, it could help with a wide range of different medical conditions,and it could be very beneficial and help the economy and industry.

Essay Arguments Essay Arguments Visual Argument Your Visual Argument Must An Oral Presentation Of Your.It is widely known that the Supreme Court voted in a 6-3 outcome against legalizing the use of medical marijuana for glaucoma patients.Buy best quality custom written Legalization of Marijuana essay.In the complex society we live in however it is very hard to distinguish the truth from the lies.In the paper Prohibition Works the author discusses numerous reasons marijuana should be kept illegal, and the second paper Legalization of Marijuana the author makes many valid points on why marijuana should be legalized for medical use.

Think of all the money that could be gathered with this taxing.For Vietnam, it took an almost revolutionary social movement for the government to pull out of their investment.

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Also, I recently observed a commercial sponsored by the Office of the National Drug Control Policy, a governmental agency, which depicted marijuana as a problem in our society.The Legalization of Marijuana essay, buy custom The Legalization of Marijuana essay paper cheap, The Legalization of Marijuana essay paper sample, The Legalization of.

It has the capability to relieve the pain of a serious sickness like malaria as well as a common every day stomach sickness like constipation.If your thinking no then there are some reason that will help you change your mind.Hemp, as well as marijuana, originates from the Cannabis plant.Legalizing the use of marijuana could have psychological effects on people, provide medical benefits to people needing it, along with economical benefits it would provide there could also be a decrease in the incidence of crime.Marijuana has been proven to help with different diseases for different people who are suffering from illnesses where marijuana can help alleviate the pain or make the illness go away.I believe that marijuana needs to be a controlled substance by the government and should be legalized for medical reasons as it could help patients ease pain.Legalizing marijuana essay gives common reasons of opponents and supporters of this issue.

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Marijuana Facts: marijuana dispensaries, how to grow marijuana, florida medical marijuana, marijuana seeds for sale, legalization of marijuana, growing marijuana.Here you can find a free Argumentative Essay Paper on the Legalization of Marijuana.Thomas Jefferson S Farm Book 1774 1824 Page 95 Click For Full Page Source Thomas Jefferson Papers An Electronic Archive Massachusetts Historical.Owning marijuana was made a crime in 1937 when Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act.This question has been on the controversial table for many years but now it is in the spotlight more than ever.Weed being a natural product has many advantages and disadvantages but the good outweighs the bad.I have heard about it numerous times whether on TV, on the radio, on the Internet, or when reading a newspaper.

Some politicians believe that marijuana for the use of medicine should be outlawed.It is becoming increasingly apparent that the policies that the United States government takes against illegal drugs are coming into question.

This is probably much smaller than the actual percentage, but there is no way (as far as I can tell) of knowing for sure, and I do not want to overstep my bounds.Although marijuana is illegal under federal law, two states, Colorado and Washington, have full legalization of marijuana, while eighteen other states have medical legal use.This completely natural plant which helped so many people has puzzled the leaders of our nation for a long time.Medical marijuana should be legalized in the state of Indiana: it has proven to kill a portion of cancer, Indiana could charge tax on it, and marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco combined together.The very controversial issue of should marijuana be legalized has been asked for the longest time.Wichita Falls Man Arrested for Marijuana Possession Near City Park.Legalization would make marijuana regulated and publically available.Legalized marijuana in the United States can be controlled and profitable industry by using low taxes, regulation and mirroring alcohol legislation.

There must be strong pressure from the American people for the government to let go of the investment.The camera showed a father and his son eating breakfast without talking to each other.The use of marijuana as a recreational drug is becoming more.The most significant ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinal, it is commonly referred to it abbreviated form THC.Arizona recently passed Proposition 203, also known as Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA), on November 2, 2010 as an initial measure to decriminalize marijuana for those with chronic and debilitating illnesses as defined in the Act.If marijuana is legal, why would anyone have to fight over it.Although it is not a cure, marijuana can ease the pain and suffering of a dying person.This amazing drug has only one thing stopping it from helping millions of people suffering from all different types of illnesses—its use is illegal.

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Legalization will bring in much needed tax dollars, it will free up prisons and their resources, and it will save the U.S tons of money.It is a plant that grows in all geographical areas of the world.Marijuana has been proven to treat several life debilitating, and even life threatening diseases.

The marijuana question seems to be the most prevalent and pressed of the drugs and issues that are currently being addressed.As a North Carolinian, I believe that we should legalize it in the state of North Carolina, whether it is for medical or recreational use.The taxpayers of America can partly answer this question when they fill out their tax forms and when they hear the hash rhetoric used against marijuana by the government.The reason that I believe this is because I do not feel that marijuana is a threat to my personal safety, nor is it a threat to the safety of people that are around me if I was to be smoking it in their vicinity.Travelers have versatile logic behind why these particular products take in order to consideration.So until this changes, the government will most likely get to keep the huge investment that they have in fighting marijuana.

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