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That might help me figure out how to help you with this thesis statement.I am choosing to argue the good that the mother is implying with her somewhat brutal wording.One might be the fact that the characters fell in love despite the fact that their families were enemies.In other words, your thesis should state that the slave trade of African and Arab people had a specific effect on a group of people or a region, or that it impacted the history or future economy of this region, etc.P rof E ssays.com invites you to browse through their article archives to find thesis examples for any type of essay that may be of help in realizing your own project.What suitable thesis topic for the students who addicted in internet nowadays and free wifi. what should a proper thesis statement be accurate for that.

So it is really important to have a good thesis statement that is really structurally firm.I need help writing a thesis about the fear of failing college.Several factors that challenge the new graduates working in remote clinics are seclusion from the medical community, their own inexperience, and limited resources and staff support.

The rest of your paper will be going into detail on these learnings, so make sure to choose what you want to write about wisely.Gun control laws do not reduce gun violence as evidenced by A, B, and C.You should start by stating the problem (the financial exploitation of the elderly) and your proposed solutions to this problem.

Sometimes you may find that you only have one point of support and sometimes you might find you have four or five (or more).Hi Sabrina- it sounds like you are in need of a topic, first.I need help writing a thesis statement on how Canada was able to break apart from the British rule and become dominion.

Or you could reverse this and argue that time-out is more effective.Women should have the right to choose abortion because of reason 1, reason 2, and reason 3.If that is an option, I would choose the factor that has affected you the most and offer three specific examples of how that factor influenced you.Although it is certainly possible to write a good essay without a thesis.Emotional problems and stress such as STRESSOR 1 and STRESSOR 2 and STRESSOR 3 are known to lead to childhood obesity.

There should be strict regulations on technology, specifically in regards to mitigating the negative effects smartphones and electronics have on young children such as effect 1, effect 2, and effect 3.Hi there, you might find this information about research questions useful.A thesis statement expresses the main point or argument of an essay. In the thesis statement examples provided,.I need help writing a thesis statement on homelessness in Baltimore, MD.In any case, your thesis statement will be like a mini-outline for your essay laying out exactly what you plan to cover in your body paragraphs.Remember to choose reasons that you can easily defend using research.Divorce should not be legalized in the Philippines because of reason 1, reason 2, and reason 3.

Feel free to copy these and customize them for use in your own argumentative essays.I want to argue that the use of contraceptives by school girls decrease the financial strain on the government.Before 2010 I knew little about the world besides that which I learned in the news media and soon I came to learn that it was highly biased.Im not sure what type of thesis to include. or thesis sentence.My paper is in World Civ., it talks about Battle of Maldon which I love, William Marshall and one other story.I need help writing a thesis for why violent video games affect youth drasticly.The nice part is there is no wrong answer since you are just reflecting on your personal experience.For example, you could pick a specific topic like: Students who feel a sense of belonging in their communities get better grades.So for a literary analysis essay, your thesis should make an argument about something in the book.

If this is the direction you are taking here is a structure for you.This age-old, neon-colored, bangle-wearing, peg-legged wisdom holds true today—in your thesis statement.Are you trying to just explain all the beautiful things you saw.I think in answering that question you can find the basis for your argument.

For X, Y, Z, choose arguments that you can support with evidence.

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Can i ask for a thesis statement about Legalizing Divorce in the philippines thanks hoping for a reply soon.

I need a thesis statement about my overall improvement from the beginning of the semester in my writing till now the end of the semester.Further, it would be good to make this claim relevant in a larger sense — to rebut a popular notion (that being wrong is an impediment to success, for instance), to persuade someone to do something (i.e. parents should encourage their children to try things even though they might fail), etc.Or does it ridicule the ideals themselves (I would think that writing about how the play ridicules the ideals themselves would be more interesting).

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