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Neil Armstrong: the First Man on the Moon Abagael Barba Individual Website Junior Division I chose to do my history fair project on Neil Armstrong because I.Selecting a National History Day Contest topic is a process of gradually narrowing down the area.For the history fair, we were intstructed to pick a point in time that changed history.That uplifted the Apollo Program thought of by President John F. Kennedy. This has to be the most fascinating project I have ever done regarding the history.I found the October Revolution among hundreds of topics, and it interested me the most.Process Essay The. its toll upon history, and its relationship to the NHD theme.I have done this category for my last two History Fair projects and feel that I can improve my skills using this type of category.

Process Paper I chose this topic because I had always wanted to learn more about World War 2.This year my National History Fair Process Paper topic is Amelia Earhart.

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When I heard that I was required to create a history project on a turning point in time, I immediately thought about doing my project on some sort of space travel.Process Paper Why I chose this topic: When looking upon ideas for History Fair my partner and I came across the name Rachel Carson.There were many options for project ideas that had to do with World War 2 witch I enjoy learning about and find very interesting and Pearl Harbor fascinated me the most with how the U.S Navy dealt with the surprise attack.

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I choose a website because I am experienced in this category.

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As soon as we learned what we were supposed to create, my partners and I immediately began.

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First of all, the process of choosing what kind of project we wanted to.We both had good ideas, but we were only allowed to have one topic.

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Nelson Mandela History Fair Process Paper I chose my topic of Nelson Mandela when I was curious of why he was so famous.Florida History Fair (FHF) is sponsored by the Museum of Florida History,. process paper (see NHD Contest Rule Book, Rules For All Categories, p. 7,.Section 1: Why I chose my topic While researching different topics, one particular topic provided lots of information and was very interesting.

The Process Paper is a requirement for all Exhibits, Documentaries, Performances, and Websites, but NOT Historical Papers.I chose to do my history fair project on Neil Armstrong because I have a dear love for space science and NASA.I also did some more research on her before deciding to do her to make sure she would make an interesting topic.

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Before we picked this topic we were looking at other ones such as The Rubber...Before Apollo 11, Sputnik was sent out into space by the Russians and were the first to be in space.

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All three of us are very interested in music from modern times to classical times.How I chose my project I chose Napoleon because he is the one I can most relate with and how he lead countless victories and how he saved France from total chaos and.

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I chose my topic by searching the internet for major turning points in history.I had done a previous project on Amelia Earhart and felt that she was a huge woman leader figure and left a very long legacy, so thus thought that she would be perfect for the role of this new project.

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The process paper and annotated bibliography are an important part of National History Day projects.Number of words in Process Paper Exhibits Only: Number of Student Composed Words in Exhibit.

Pariso posted on her website, We conducted research by going on various.Then I read the list of suggested ideas and I thought that the Atomic Bomb.

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NHD Paper Work How to create a Process Paper - Duration: 2:50.

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Paragraph 1: Describe your History Fair Topic. Oral history transcripts,.First off, my research began at the school library where we were given many websites, online encyclopedias, and books to look at.REMEMBER: All materials must be printed on plain white paper and stapled in the upper left-hand corner.

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