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The former is about youth and experiencing life and the latter is about old age, or more probably, an old spirit wearied by life.As the title indicates the central theme of this poem is choices.

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Religion can be found in this poem by the decision the speaker must make, the road he chose, and the road not taken.

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I will now explain how Frost used literal and figurative techniques to describe a man traveling through the woods and his thoughts on deciding which road to take.Essay on Road Safety Road accidents have been and will continue to be one of the greatest health hazards.

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But, what about the times in our lives when everything is broken, shattered, turned to ash.The diverging roads are symbolic of the choices society is faced with every day of life.In line one Frost introduces the diverging roads, which are his main metaphors.This suggests that the setting is in the forest during Fall, which is the season of change.The persona, who is believed to be Frost himself, chooses to take the road less traveled by.While, Frost had not originally intended for this to be an inspirational poem, line by line, the speaker is encouraging each reader to seek out his or her own personal path in the journey of life.Throughout the poem, the speaker learns that just because so many other people have done one thing, or walked one way, does not mean everyone has to.

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What they do with these choices and the decisions they make are up to them.

In the poem, the speaker makes his choice in either fall or spring - when the woods are yellow.

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He tells himself that he will take the other road another day, although he knows it is unlikely that he will have the opportunity to do so.Frost is faced between the choice of a moment and a lifetime.This poem is saying that you should not have a hegemonic perspective, but instead have an counter-hegemonic perspective instead.With analyzing the diction, you can see the moral truly come to the surface.Robert graduates as class poet and co-valedictorian from Lawrence High School in Massachusetts.

One common interpretation of the poem about assertion of individualism, where the speaker is taking the road not traveled so that he can assert his individualism, is a nice interpretation.Everyone goes through decisions in their life, so this metaphor connects the reader to the poem more personally.Frost writes this poem with a calm and collective narration, spoken by the traveler, who is talking with himself trying to decide which road is the better choice.Frost uses several literary devices in this brief account, such as imagery, personification, metaphor, and alliteration.When a man approaches a fork in the road on which he is traveling, he must choose which path to take.The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost and A Worn Path, by Eudora Welty.However both tracks seemed to have had about the same number of people who passed through and may have been used the same amount.

Poem Analysis - A Road Not Taken. Saved essays Save your essays.Frost and Thomas would take walks in the woods together, and Thomas would take Frost down one path and later regret not choosing a different path.Quick fast explanatory summary. pinkmonkey free cliffnotes cliffnotes ebook pdf doc file essay summary literary.The poem tells us not to take a road that has been well-worn and used up the most but take the road that is grassy and taken the least.With the evidence gathered up, it seems as if he regretted the outcome of his decision and he is curious as to see whether the other choice could have been better or not.Yes, it was a fun and exhausting activity, but there was more meaning to it than that.This poem shows how Frost believes that it is the road that you choose that makes you the person you are.

This is conveyed through the use of several pivotal techniques.It seems as if both ways might lead to great occurrences, but only one way is the right way.I think the reasoning behind his writing of this poem was because in life, you have many obstacles to overcome and many choices and decisions to make, which opens a path that leads the way to your future.

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The Road Not Taken Research Papers The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost research papers focus on the symbolism and rhyme scheme in the poem.The roads in the poem are merged where the speaker is standing but lead in two different directions signifying two different paths in life.A situation of life sometime requires a decision to be made between two things that will have a huge impact in the end.

In the second stanza the persona continues to examine both paths and ponder which road to take.These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).This is my interpretation of the poem and what frost is conveying in this poem.

Use of this description could be that fall is upon the wood or the trees perhaps once white have yellowed with age.And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black.Gallery photos of your own from our company will get instant access to.This person has come to a crossroads in their life and has two options to choose from.This is a very intellectual poem that could leave people in suspense.

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Metaphors, Imagery, and Personification in The Road Not Taken.Walking down a rural road the narrator encounters a point on his travel that diverges into two separate similar paths.

He uses free imagery to make his poem more complex for the audience.He realizes that he needs to make a choice and pick one path over the other.Frost mentions the doubt and worry that comes along with decision-making, but how perseverance can make it worthwhile.

The techniques exercised in this piece of work are symbolism, imagery, and tone.The poem opens up with the narrator encountering a point in the woods that has a trail diverge into two separate paths.It is a persons past, present and the way one see things, which determines their choices and paths they follow.When they grew up, they taught all of their kids to learn to ski.Romanticizing the rural woods of New England creates the perfect setting for the theme of self-discovery laid out and described by the speaker.

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