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Preview text: Introduction: Computer games have seriously caught the attention of Mass Media and nowadays.Real-life associations are easier to make if a video game is realistic.

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Controversial topics usually involve different types of people that have two opposite points of view about a certain topic or idea.

The increase of games that are more realistic, engaging, and increasingly violent will lead to more violent behavior in teenagers in the upcoming years.Suppose you are writing an essay arguing that violence in video games does not lead to violent behavior.If so then video games could be responsible for much of the bad news we hear on television.I wrote a paper on violence in video games and real world violence. cause violence.Players instead of being aggressive to people if they are angry can decompress in the game.Parents have to keep up for types of games which they bring to home.

Although never proven, there has been speculation that some of the high school shootings across the country were committed by students who were habitual players of violent video games.Video Games And Violence Essays: Over 180,000 Video Games And Violence Essays, Video Games And Violence Term Papers, Video Games And Violence Research Paper, Book.

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With new developments appeared different video game genres from adventure to racing, but the violent video games appear to be the most popular ones (Shin, 2003), for example: shooters, fighting and video games where you have to eliminate, destroy, or kill your enemies.

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Individuals exposed to violent games at a young age have a higher tendency for.

Games do not in any way encourage players to go out and exercise they want people to play more video games.There are many positive effects to censoring violent video games, but one that has the most impact on the whole controversial issue is health.

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Also for performing violent acts the player always gets a reward.

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Accident like that can happen if age limits are not respected or if there is not parental control over these issues.One of the most argued topics in media studies, investigation on the impact violence has on society from mass media continues to rage on.Different games, especially video games, require skills which require a high level of skills.This would not only harm the sales of such video games but also place unnecessary restrictions on existing games.You state your claim at the beginning-video games cause violence-then identify three ways that happens: Video games train players to act aggressive through repitition, video games encourage players to associate violence with fun and other rewards, and video games desensitize players to violence.

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Blame Game on - Persuasive essay on Do Violent Video Games, online marketplace for students.Approximately the same number of video games have drug or alcohol abuse.I was afraid people would judge me before they knew me because of my appearance.All the money that goes into developing video games have something to do with making the games more addicting.According to a study on teen show that people are more likely to eat while playing video games that to eat while resting.Teen violence has been affecting many societies and has destructive history to communities.

This is the opening scene of the violent, first-person shooter game called Doom (1993).In my observation, teenage violence is influenced by many factors: video games, drugs and alcohol, and poverty.These effects of verbal aggression are not only harmful to those that are on the other end of the aggression but it can also affect the social life of the aggressor, pushing away loved ones and further angering the individual and creating a vicious circle.Whereas people who have a mental illness, such as schizophrenic Adam Lanza who was the shooter in the Sandy Hook Elementary, are unable to determine the difference from what is real and what is not real.

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Some critics argue that video games are direct indicators of child aggression while video game supporters argue that there is no direct link between child aggression and violent video games.Yet, millions of children under the age of 17 still have free access to violent media.

The sheer thrill of it can be very exciting and relates well to many youth because of its life or death component.Parental Responsibility in the Regulation of Violent Video Games.On March 24, 1998, Mitchell Johnson (13) and Andrew Golden (11) opened fire on students at a high school in Craighead County, Arkansas as they exited the building for a fire alarm set off by the pair, killing five and wounding ten others.I just finished my personal argumentative essay about how violent video games do not increase aggression in adolescents.

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