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With 98 percent of students admitting to being repeat offenders in the matter of cheating, the habitable nature of cheating behaviors is evident.If you think consultants, such as McKinsey, require the later skills only, and NOT the former, you are rather misguided.We should go by two sets of laws, which are the laws of freedom and the laws of nature.

If the the only value the students get from a class is a grade and not relevant and valuable knowledge, I understand and sympathize with the cheaters.Information ranging from how to cook a meal to the text of the declaration of independence with detailed annotations.

His most basic instincts were already yelling at him to run, and run far from this girl.I know I was a bit harsh in my comment, but I do get the sense that the prof is bitter and unapologetic for most of his own mistakes.In some courses this can be an epidemic and you have a significant fraction of the students cheating and getting better marks than the students who are actually learning.Eventually, you will more or less have to cheat if you want to pass.Also, from what I read, you actually sent out an email inviting students to come talk with you.And from what I know of human nature, and the likely emotions that someone in that position would feel, I very strongly suspect that your judgement of how they would react is completely wrong.

Speaking from personal experience (both as a student and a TA) nothing is worse than ECE professors for bad teaching or ECE students for cheating, neither aspect of this scenario really surprise me.But it is also the responsibility of the professors to defend the academic integrity of the school as much as they are involved with it.My only solace is to know that this guy is a professor at a business school giving incredibly simplistic homework in excel, and his students are too stupid to do it.Students automatically fail the course and are required to take an ethics course the next semester and retake the course regardless if it was core or an elective.Taking important ideas from sources and including into your paper as if you thought it up.If I went at it full-time, I would have made more than that for my casual job I held on the side at university.When starters make millions of dollars a year, and superstar players are making much more.

However, you had, what I perceived to be, an irrational disdain for some of your students, I being one of them.On the other hand, I believe cheating is also a way to learn and maintain good grades in class.Cheating is not as big of a deal as people make it out to be, it is just a means to an end.Detection, notification, and escalation to school enforcement is a reasonable approach.But I got the impression from your article that you typically had a discussion with the student, presented them with the evidence, etc. after they protested to you.He is crushed and chooses to abandon his own particular future.This way the teacher just teaches, just marks the work submitted and the administrative duty of notifying students that their plagiarism has been spotted is separated and codified.This gives them an unusual advantage on the test: the optimally localized behavior for a class on a curve is to learn the material, convey as little as possible while making the class feel well-informed, and then ace it on the test, thus lowering the curve.I completely agree that students themselves should be responsible for their learning, even in high school.

That said, 44 hours spent on overhead that also degrades the experience of everyone involved, and as a result can interfere with the actual learning experience, is indeed worth finding alternative approaches for.Although, I understood that I deserved the punishment that was given to me because I had caused much trouble.It should be the same sort of process that schools use to handle appeals for missed tests and work.What you are pointing out is not the major damage from cheating.If you want to be an ass, there are plenty of other places on the internet you can go.Not every student is at university in order to tick a box on the way to a middle class lifestyle.

In computer science, cheating is not such a simple proposition.As for your second point, preaching to the choir is a waste of time and just makes them uncomfortable (as this case points out), the come to Jesus talk is a one on one affair.Later in my grad program, we received quite a bit of instruction from professors who were clearly just using the slides that came with the textbook as their lecture material.If a fraternity brother has answered the question, give him credit.Does the school use character as one of the attributes when selecting students.I think the comparison would add a lot of valuable info to the debate.

Cheating and Technology: How Modern Technology Has Affected Education.The professor invited the response when he accused his students of giving him a poor rating for the wrong reasons.Anyway, I sat through numerous classes like described above, and the amount I learned from the lectures ranged from nothing to very little.

If the employer is not interested in rewarding him (or even penalizing him) for doing something that not only is stressful but that takes tons of time away from his useful work, why should he.Plagiarism is unavoidable from individuals that are trying to scam their way through school, and something that needs to be combated, but universities are supposed to be bastions of enlightenment not cronies for privately held corporations.This was the best course I have yet to take, I learned not only a lot about international economics but how to better my ability at teaching myself what I need to know.Papers that students legitimately write and no third party ever gains access to, are still inflating their essay counts and therefore making some guy rich.I remember once doing my assignment witch consisted of nothing but citations. it was perfectly valid by rules of writing such papers. as long as citations are proper. but that school was not very good, anyway.However, if the subject or course is your own choice, like the case with most university courses, cheating is something different.It saved me at least 50% of the time compared to writing something from scratch, and the quality was good too.Depending on the school, this can range from absolutely true to downright false.I have no idea why everyone has gone off on a tangent about salary.

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