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If you decide against the serial comma in your work, make sure that the meaning of the sentence can stand without its use.Here are two examples of sentences with introductory phrases separated from the rest of the sentence by commas.

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Also see: Basic Rules of Punctuation A Brief History of Punctuation The Difference Between Colons and Semicolons Semicolon Semicolons, Colons, and Dashes.

By using semicolons effectively, you can make your writing sound more sophisticated. Rules for Using Semicolons.Colons appear in several standard or conventional places in writing.In formal writing, try to avoid excessive use of question marks and exclamation points.

An introductory clause is a brief phrase that comes — yes, you guessed it — at the beginning of a sentence.Here are examples of correct and incorrect comma usage when it comes to separating adjectives.Be aware of the difference in using an apostrophe with singular or plural nouns.

Use this punctuation mark at the end of any question, query, or inquiry.Also after initials, as in Alfred D. Smith. Every sentence contains at least one punctuation mark -- the one at its end.Parentheses can also be used to contain information that is supplementary to the sentence they are part of.

INCORRECT: The powerful, resonating, sound caught our attention.If your sentence contains two independent clauses that are separated by a conjunction (such as and, as, but, for, nor, so, or yet ), place a comma before the conjunction.Use these carefully: always make sure every quotation mark used to start a quote is paired with a corresponding one at the end of the quote.Colons are used conventionally to introduce longer quotations which cannot be fit easily into the.For example: On the laboratory door was a new sign: Trespassers prosecuted.A quick Google search will reveal advice from writers and editors and other writing professionals.Never be afraid to have short sentences in your writing by splitting up long sentences that contain several points.

Punctuation marks: the colon. but I will attempt to answer the most basic questions about using the colon in your writing.Here are two examples of hyphens being used in numbers below and above one hundred, respectively.In these cases, what follows the main title is called a subtitle.

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Here is an example of slashes used to mark line breaks in a song.

Use a comma to separate two or more adjectives describing a noun.In a title, capitalize the first word and all other main words.This handout limits itself to punctuation that occurs. semicolons, colons, dashes. was written at the urging of the London booksellers. (Leon Edel, Writing.

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Here are two examples of commas used in listed series -- one with an Oxford Comma and one without.Nine Parts: Punctuation Cheat Sheet Using Proper Capitalization.There are dozens of situations that might require the use of a comma.Use bulleted lists when the list items are in no...

Its purpose might be strictly to introduce the clause that follows, so it might feel rather incomplete by itself, but grammatically it will have both a subject and a predicate.Here are two examples of sentences containing independent clauses.We will often use a colon to separate an independent clause from a quotation (often of a rather formal nature) that the clause introduces.Use a single quotation mark within a regular quotation to indicate a quotation within a quotation.Ryan went to the beach yesterday, but he forgot his sunscreen.The use of question marks and exclamation marks varies depending upon context.The accessibility of the computer has increased tremendously over the past several years.

In addition to starting sentences, capital letters should also occur at the start of proper nouns and titles.Remember: Many of the prominent families of this New England state were slaveholders prior to 1850.Here are two examples of correct comma usage when it comes to naming geographical areas.Let a dictionary be your guide for when to use the hyphen after a prefix.I recognize all writing formats today say there is to be one space.If a sentence becomes too long, consider splitting it into two or more sentences.Having two independent clauses in a sentence simply means that you could split the sentence into two shorter sentences while preserving the original meaning.Additionally, a comma is usually not necessary if you are not quoting an entire statement, but only a few words from it.In this case, the line between using parentheses and starting a new sentence instead can be somewhat murky.

Single quotation marks, which look almost identical to apostrophes, are used to separate quotations from other quotations which surround them.Semi-colons, colons, and dashes. break up the flow of your writing.Otherwise, a hyphen should occur only if a number lower than 100 is embedded within a larger number, e.g., He lived to be one hundred twenty-one.

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