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The Political Science Honors Program is designed to give highly motivated Political Science students.

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Political Science majors study political life in the varied contexts in which it occurs—institutions, social movements, power relations, elections, political.

The School of Graduate Studies sets the calendar guidelines governing thesis examinations and program completions.Proud of being a political science student at the University of Toronto.

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The department discourages students from pursuing honors in two majors.The Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement and the Direction of Canadian Foreign Policy in the 1990s.

A case study of public interest groups in the Newfoundland educational reform policy-making process.Focus on topics like the emergence of a Global Labour Movement and Labour Interaction with Global Governance Institutions or austerity response to the economic crisis, and continuing work on employment policy in the OECD area.

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Download now thousands of Degree thesis in Political Science on Docsity.

Welcome to Sociology, part of the School of Social and Political Studies at the University of Edinburgh.It deals with its topic in greater length, depth and detail than a term paper.Moss Scholarship to read for an MPhil in International Relations at.Develop a proposal for a thesis topic in consultation with a faculty member.International Relations, Global Politics, Globalization, Global Political Economy.You should discuss this decision with an advisor, and you should discuss potential research topics.

The Department began in 1964 and remains one of the most...It is a good idea to think about possible topics that might interest you before you meet with a faculty advisor.Regional development associations in Newfoundland and Labrador.Constituency campaigning: a review of the literature and a case study of Ottawa Centre.

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Regional economic development by Crown Corporation: the case of Cape Breton.This is a partial list of topics of recent honors theses completed by students in the Saint Louis University Political Science department.We bring together innovative students and faculty who are thought leaders in the Political Science community.The Department of Political Science prefers concise theses of 20,000 words (roughly 70 pages of text).

You want the thesis to help you get into graduate school and do.Final Theses are submitted to the library and must therefore meet University formatting requirements.The Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science provides a broad exposure to politics, law and government at the domestic and international levels on a less intensive basis than the Honours degrees.A comprehensive public university committed to providing affordable, high-quality learning opportunities in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education.

Political Science Honors Program and Distinction in the Major.Freedom of the sea to fishery conservation: an evolving ocean management regime.

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So you want to get into a political science Ph.D. but a lot of undergraduate programs in political science — particularly in the first.

Discuss pursuing honors with a political science faculty member you know.A bound copy of each of the following titles is permanently stored in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies library on campus.Here is a look at past senior theses, to give prospective studen.Study the institutional characteristics of the governance of the contemporary global political economy from internationally renowned scholars and award winning teachers.Study policy in both the developing and developed world, taking a comparative approach to understanding why jurisdictions choose different solutions to the same social policy problems.

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The thesis stream is primarily intended for students who have: (a) clearly defined plans to pursue a Ph.D. and believe they would like to do a significant research project to prepare for that program, or (b) want to write a thesis because they have compelling research interests on a particular topic.

Applications are typically due at the beginning of the Spring quarter.The departmental thesis is designed to allow a student to investigate a political science research topic in great detail during his or her final two semesters.An undergraduate education in Political Science has traditionally led students into a number of.Political attitudes and participation among high school teachers in Newfoundland.The Harrington Public Affairs Fellowship Program for Undergraduates.Once more unto the breach: humanitarian interventions in failed states.The Harrington Public Affairs Fellowship Program is funded by the Francis A.In the Department of Political Science, we offer approximately 80 undergraduate courses per year, and our total annual enrollment in Political Science courses is over.

The more empirical courses cover the political systems of Canada and a large number of foreign countries, and the relations between those countries.If so, our resume and cover letter writing seminar for Political Science students could be exactly what gives you a.The Honors Program in Political Science provides an opportunity for some of our best students to develop their research skills and extensively.Political culture and community development in the Harbour Breton area.Students are free to select a thesis topic from these areas or any other applicable area of Political Science.

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